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WordPress Fundamentals

Create and launch your own website in WordPress during a four-week interactive course.

You will learn the basics and best practices of using WordPress and customizing themes, as well as launching your own site. This accelerated class is for students who have completed Web Development Essentials or who can demonstrate working knowledge of and background in front-end development. Build upon your knowledge by getting to know the platform that runs 90% of current websites and 25% of the web at large!

Intermediate I

You understand the basics of HTML/CSS and the general concepts behind web development.

Hangouts On Air

This course takes place live using Google Hangouts on Air, and recordings available for later viewing.

Sneak Peek

Check out this sample lesson from the course videos.

What You'll Learn

  • What is WordPress?

    What is WordPress, and why do we use it? What about Squarespace?

  • Planning Your WordPress Site

    Put together your content and map out your structure.

  • Adding Content to WordPress

    How do we go from the plan to the real thing?

  • Navigating the Wordpress Dashboard

    Learn the ins and outs of the WordPress Dashboard, and how to make WordPress do what you need it to do.

  • Free vs. Paid Themes

    Is is better to pay for premium WordPress themes, or not?

  • Customizing Themes

    Use your existing front-end development knowledge to customize your site with a child theme.


We've got a couple options.

  • Salmon $350

    Core class participant, limited to six.

    This class will be held remotely via Google Hangouts. Registered students will have access to recorded classes to watch and review at any time, and live workshop-style hangouts will happen every Thursday evening for group review, troubleshooting, and practice. Get the most out of our live sessions by working ahead and coming prepared to discuss issues you’ve encountered.

    This option also includes:

    • Access to all Tackle Box content for the duration of the class
    • Membership to the Tackle Box Slack team for the duration of the class
    • One year of access to Tackle Box resources
    • Opportunity to upgrade your Tackle Box Slack subscription at a reduced rate
  • Scallop $100

    If you would only like access to recorded videos and work sessions, but do not wish to participate in the live classes, you can register for limited access. This will allow you to tune in to the live stream as a “Watch Only” participant and access to this course’s videos and lesson outlines via their page on the Tackle Box. Note that troubleshooting and support will not be available unless tutoring sessions are booked separately.

    This option also includes:

    • Access to all Tackle Box content for the duration of the class
    • Opportunity to subscribe to the Tackle Box Slack team at a reduced rate

Class Info

  • Assignments

    The ultimate assignment is to complete a website following the process we go through in the course. That being said, specific steps in that process will be assigned between each class, and this will include relevant readings, videos, and tutorials.

    Estimated out-of-class work time is between 3 and 5 hours each week, but of course, the more time you put into your site, the better it will be!

  • Lesson Structure

    Lecture videos will be provided and sent to you weekly, along with assignments for you to complete on your own time. Salmon level students will attend weekly live Hangouts to discuss concepts and troubleshoot problems.

  • Slack

    Salmon members will also be added to the Tackle Box Slack team where they can receive support and answers to questions throughout the week. It’s a great place to keep track of links, and it really gives the class a feeling of community.

    Slack access will expire at the end of the class unless an ongoing subscription is purchased. Salmon and Scallop students have the option to purchase an ongoing monthly subscription at a discounted rate of $199 for three months (normally $70 per month).


Register as a Salmon to be a core class participant, or subscribe to the class live stream and all Tackle Box content with the Scallop package.

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