F.A.Q. style.

  • What is the Tackle Box?

    Well, so far it’s just this site, but the Tackle Box will be a selection of short videos, resources, and guidelines for learning WordPress and web design/development from me, Lara. You’ll have special access to classes and workshops, and probably more things I haven’t come up with yet.

  • Who's Lara?

    Me! I’m a teacher, consultant, web designer/developer, and cocktail enthusiast in New York City. I currently teach coding to designers at Pratt Institute and facilitate corporate trainings with an awesome company called Decoded, but I love teaching so much that I’m starting to do my own classes and workshops through the Tackle Box.

    Read more about me on my website, notlaura.com and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to chat!

  • What's with the fishing?

    You know that expression:

    Give a man (or woman) a fish and feed him (or her) for a day, teach a man (or woman) to fish and feed him (or her) for a lifetime.

    Like that, except all things web. Read more about my teaching philosophy here.

  • Who is the Tackle Box for?

    You! Well, anyone who wants to make a website and learn web design/development. Here are some things that might resonate:

    • You are looking for a more personable and hands-on experience than what tutorials and coding schools can offer.
    • You are a more visual learner and like tough concepts to be broken down into smaller chunks via fun metaphors.
    • You want to work on your own projects instead of arbitrary coding exercises (though I will assign some of those too).
    • You know some stuff but need to fill in the gaps and aren’t sure where to start.
  • Are your classes only for beginners?

    Nope! There will definitely be classes on intermediate/advanced-ish front-end and WordPress theme development, and non-dev things like freelancing, design, and even career development. Stay tuned.

  • How much does it cost?

    I’m still working out my exact pricing structure, but workshops will run between $25 and $75 and longer-term classes from $500-$800. Once the Tackle Box content is in place, a subscription will be around $20 per month. There will probably be add-ons for office hours and the like, but I haven’t worked that out quite yet.