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Build a Responsive WordPress Website

Build your own responsive WordPress website with the Timber Library in this eight week, project-based course.

We will cover every step: from content, to development and visual design, to the launch itself. Gain a vocabulary of modern, responsible development practices and the ability to complete similar projects on your own.


Hangouts On Air

This course takes place live using Google Hangouts on Air, and recordings available for later viewing.

What You'll Learn

Obviously WordPress and responsive web design, but let's break that down a bit.

  • WordPress

    Learn the nuances of developing for WordPress including an understanding of custom post types, taxonomies, and theme functions.

  • Content Strategy

    More important than how your website looks is what’s on it! We’ll talk a ton about structuring your content for the web and WordPress specifically.

  • Sass

    CSS is a prerequisite for this course, but we’ll take it to the next level and get set up with Sass. In other words, CSS with Superpowers. I’m a fan.

  • Visual Design

    We’ll be “designing in the browser”, so to speak, and along the way we will discuss things like color schemes, typography, layout, and more.

  • PHP Fundamentals

    We’ll learn the PHP and programming concepts you need to know for WordPress and to make prototypes for your sites.

  • Responsible Development

    We’ll be developing out websites “mobile first” and employing responsible practices to ensure our sites are fast and future-proof.


We've got a couple options.

This class will be held remotely via Google Hangouts. With the “Salmon” package, you will be a will be core member of the class, while “Scallops” will be able to view the recorded classes or tune in in real time.

  • Salmon $250

    Core class participant, limited to eight.

    Be a live member of the Google Hangout. Your input, questions, and project will be a critical component to the direction of each lesson.

    This option also includes:

    • Office Hours at CSS-Tricks throughout the course.
    • One year of access to Tackle Box resources and free Scallop status for all upcoming classes.
  • Scallop $50

    Tune in to the live stream as a “Watch Only” participant, and access to this course’s videos and lesson outlines via their page on the Tackle Box.

Class Info

  • Assignments

    As this is a project-based course, the ultimate assignment is to complete a website following the process we go through in the course. That being said, specific steps in that process will be assigned between each class. This might also include relevant readings, videos, or tutorials.

    Estimated out-of-class work time is between 3 and 5 hours each week, but of course, the more time you put into your site the better it will be!

  • Lesson Structure

    Each lesson will be comprised of lecture time to introduce new concepts, discussions about the latest and greatest in the web community, and work time plus Q & A.

  • Office Hours

    I am very excited to offer Office Hours through the Lodge at CSS-Tricks for Bluefin Tuna and Salmon class members. Office Hours are two hour blocks at varying times every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can get expert help from either me or the other super-smart folks on the CSS-Tricks team. Read more here.


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